Ukkoverkot, leading provider of private wireless networks, renewing its brand – Edzcom seeks strong international growth

Ukkoverkot, the Nordic market leader in private wireless networks (private LTE) is increasingly targeting the international market. As part of its internationalization strategy, Ukkoverkot will renew its brand and continue under a new name, Edzcom.

Edzcom helps pioneers in industrial manufacturing, mining, logistics, oil & gas and energy segments, among others, to seize the opportunities of digitalization through providing high performance wireless connectivity for enterprise resource planning, automation, robotics and real-time remote monitoring. Edzcom's private wireless networks function on their own radio frequency, making them particularly reliable, performant and secure for business-critical industrial needs globally.

“Regardless of location, industrial players are under increasing pressure to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization in order to stay competitive. As a specialized player, we are technologically years ahead of our competitors, and with our help, our customers can also be ahead of theirs. Right now, we have an excellent opportunity to take careful steps to expand our operations into new areas. A more international brand helps us access these markets,” says Mikko Uusitalo, CEO of Edzcom.

  Gartner’s analysis, released last spring, says private networks are a rising phenomenon and includes Ukkoverkot (Edzcom) in its global "Vendors to Watch" list. Edzcom’s partner Nokia also announced in a news release in November the growing demand for private wireless networks in industry and an expansion of its related service offering.

Edzcom currently has 26 operational private LTE networks and is the market leader in the Nordic countries. The company aims to further strengthen and expand its home market customer base and services, and to expand into selected foreign markets. In addition to Finland, Edzcom currently has its dedicated frequencies in Sweden and the Netherlands. There are also plans to make use of the bandwidth released for private use by regulators in England and France.

In addition to internationalization, the new brand also reflects the applications and the edge network technology performance provided by the company's solutions.

“Industrial production has been significantly enhanced by digital cloud-based solutions. However, for real-time use cases, business-critical data processing must be done near the data collection point, at the edge of the networks, through applying edge computing resources. In order to deliver the required performance, latency and redundancy, we are providing quality, high-performance, private local wireless networks, called edge networks. This has also inspired our new brand,” Uusitalo says.

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Finland based Edzcom provides wireless private networks and solutions for industry as the Nordic market leader. Currently, Edzcom has dedicated frequencies in Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands, and employs 17 top experts in the industry.