EDZCOM is now a part of Cellnex

PRESS RELEASE 23 July 2020

EDZCOM to pursue market leadership in Europe following full acquisition by Cellnex

Cellnex, the leading operator of wireless telecommunications infrastructures in Europe, will acquire 100% of the shares of Ukkoverkot Oy, the parent company of EDZCOM, becoming the sole owner of the Edge Connectivity solutions provider.

EDZCOM announces plans to accelerate its international expansion by entering the UK and French markets at the end of 2020, followed by aggressive growth across other European markets in succeeding years, enabled by its new owner.

EDZCOM is the Nordic market leader in Edge Connectivity – private wireless connectivity solutions, connecting assets, equipment and people in the field that is designed, built and operated at the edge – at the users’ site. EDZCOM currently operates 27 live implementations of its private LTE connectivity solutions for world-class enterprises such as Kalmar, Finavia, Steveco, Kone and Neste.

As more and more companies and industries choose private networks to seize opportunities for digitalization, EDZCOM’s Edge Connectivity solutions offer high-performance wireless connectivity for enterprise resource planning, automation, robotics and real-time remote monitoring. Edge Connectivity helps industries unlock productivity and growth, offering continuity and security for critical operations.

Ukkoverkot Oy was founded in 2014 and rebranded to EDZCOM in 2020. Following its acquisition by Cellnex, EDZCOM will retain its brand and continue to execute its strategy with its current leadership and team. The company employs 17 people.

“EDZCOM is a growth company with an expert team. Cellnex, with their impressive footprint and capabilities, provides us with access to growth capital and new markets. The complementarity of our businesses promises strong opportunities for vertical integration,” says Mikko Uusitalo, who continues to lead EDZCOM as CEO.

“We firmly believe that Edge Connectivity will become a cornerstone for digitalization and for building the smart industries of the future. We are excited that this acquisition will help EDZCOM to empower more industries around Europe to build smart industries already today, that demand customized private network solutions to manage and control their own critical communications which are emerging with the extension of 5G networks ” Says Òscar Pallarols, Global Commercial Director at Cellnex.

Cellnex is the main infrastructure operator for wireless telecommunication in Europe, providing services in Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. The company manages more than 50,000 sites and is well-positioned to develop new generation networks.

The parties have agreed not to disclose the transaction price.


EDZCOM is the Nordic market leader in Edge Connectivity. EDZCOM designs, builds and operates private wireless networks for industrial clients, mainly in manufacturing, ports, oil and gas, energy generation and mining. EDZCOMs solutions are designed and built for the customer, guaranteeing high performance of business-critical communications, and are operated by the customer via dashboard ensuring 100% customer control. For more information visit www.edzcom.com.

About Cellnex

Cellnex Telecom is Europe’s leading operator of wireless telecommunications and broadcasting infrastructures with a portfolio of 61,000 sites including forecast roll-outs up to 2027. Cellnex operates in Spain, Italy, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal.

Cellnex’s business is structured in four major areas: telecommunications infrastructure services; audiovisual broadcasting networks; security and emergency service networks and solutions for smart urban infrastructure and services management (Smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT)). The company is listed on the continuous market of the Spanish stock exchange and is part of the selective IBEX 35 and EuroStoxx 600 indices. It is also part of the FTSE4GOOD and CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and “Standard Ethics” sustainability indexes.

Among Cellnex’s reference shareholders are Edizione, GIC, ADIA, CriteriaCaixa, Blackrock, Wellington Management Group and Canada Pension Plan.