“It is possible to slice a Private LTE network, so that several virtual subnets can be made in the same network. In this case, Konecranes can be one of the players in the port operator's network, in a dedicated and secure environment. This, combined with edge computing, allows us to create added value for the customer when we can open interfaces to our services directly to the customer”

Timo Harjunen / KONECRANES

“Now, however, we no longer have to wait for it (5G), but we can already reach the network capacity needs we are planning for the future with the Private LTE network and we can already test solutions. The network architecture is also the same, so the things that are done in private LTE also work in private 5G”

Timo Tiainen / KONE

”Edzcom was really the only one that provided what we needed. Yes, the public telecom operators would have built a network for us, but our remotely controlled drills have limited resistance to delays and interruptions, and the solution we got from Edzcom gave us the stability and performance we needed to keep our operations running"

Pasi Angeria / BOLIDEN

“Previously it was not possible to prove the condition in which containers arrived to, and departed from the harbor. Now we can, if needed, establish the status and state of incoming containers and insurance responsibility thanks to the cameras in the cranes. The connectivity also covers our terminals and the rest of the port area, enabling efficient communication for logistics and asset tracking”

Niko Arola / STEVECO

“WiFi is challenging to implement when building expandable outdoor areas, and the expandability and scalability of private LTE in this type of wireless environment is an absolute advantage. In addition, the use of the network and the allocation of its capacity are entirely in our own hands. For these reasons, we have ended up with a private LTE network instead of a public network”

Mira Juola / PORT OULU

”We believe the new 5G-ready LTE solution will be an asset to our business, and we look forward to initiating testing in this digital automation environment. The private LTE network will provide the security and real-time video footage needed for reliable remote control of our operations”

Pekka Yli-Paunu / CARGOTEC, KALMAR

“Our cooperation with Nokia and Edzcom is another important part of our strategy to develop open, interoperable solutions for future mining needs. Enhanced connectivity is critical for smarter and safer underground operations, and we’re proud to our collaboration to develop these enhanced connectivity options for our test mine and mining industry going forward”

Riku Pulli / SANDVIK

”The opportunities are extraordinary. Particularly mobile robotics is an interesting area with applications like autonomous, driverless vehicles such as forklifts that receive commands through the wireless network. These require reliable and secure connections to function correctly and efficiently”

Jaakko Ala-Paavola / ETTEPLAN

“In the energy industry, there is an ongoing transformation that requires the ability to react quickly to different potential end results and scenarios. To us, network security is the most important priority and we need several back-up solutions to make sure our services keep functioning even in difficult conditions”

Viki Kaasinen / FORTUM

”At first we considered using Wi-Fi, but an LTE network is superior thanks to its security, reliability and pervasive coverage. At the same time, we can commercialize our network by offering slices to other actors in the area"

Jyrki Roukala / PORT OF KOKKOLA









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August 27, 2020

Signify and EDZCOM announce strategic partnership

Signify and EDZCOM announce strategic partnership to accelerate LiFi adoption in the manufacturing industries
July 23, 2020

EDZCOM is now a part of Cellnex

Cellnex, the leading operator of wireless telecommunications infrastructures in Europe, will acquire 100% of the shares of Ukkoverkot Oy, the parent company of EDZCOM.
June 19, 2020

Webinar: Smart ports 2.0

Launching SMART PORT 2.0 webinar series to introduce opportunities for digitalising port operations.





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